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Mario “Rio” Vassallo was born in Bayonne NJ in1976, the son of Peruvian immigrants. He Later studied illustration at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah Ga, as a result his passion for painting blossomed. After that, many of the following years were spent traveling the country and absorbing life. Eventually ending up in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park where the bulk of his acrylic work was created. Northern California provided a much needed stability. Consequently, this enabled a shift from acrylic to oil paintings. Describable as somewhere between visionary and surreal, the allegorical nature of his work is not just appealing to the eye, but provokes thought, as well as a wide range of emotions.


  1. Antonio G Senatore

    Congratulations Rio beautiful work and great site. Good luck

  2. Geoff Palmieri

    Love your art. Glad I was there in Golden Gate Park and the Lombard Plaza and I’m proud of you brother. Nice website!

  3. Bill Healy

    Site looks nice bro! Keep painting.

  4. Meg Casey-Wilson

    Amazing work! I always see some new interesting detail. I identify with your work on a transcendental level. I look forward to your next piece.

  5. Jake wiley

    All ur stuff is amazing I enjoy looking at your painting throughout my house everyday!!!!

  6. Brittany Blossom

    Been years Mr! Would love to have a piece of your art!!! 💜💜💜

  7. You are an amazing artist brother. I love my print I got from you last summer and looking forward to obtaining more in the future!

  8. Darlynn White

    I love this art it moves me deeply thank you

  9. Hi rio it’s elf !!! Your art is amazing

  10. Dana Tonozzi


  11. Love the website. And as always your art is amazing and your awsome, always been one of my favorite people on lot and always enjoy stopping by your booth and hanging out.

  12. I love your art!

  13. Luv is Real NFA ❤️⚡️💙

  14. Great work, can’t wait to view more!

  15. Lindsay bucks

    Amazing astonishing intriguing…

  16. Zus Hutson

    Congrats on all of your new Works and Buildings!!! Happy Day!

  17. Love your art all of it

  18. Sarah Rodriguez

    Hey there Rio!.. Awesome to see that you’re doin so much art! And… “keepin it surreal”!! 😉

  19. As an artist and lover of the arts well it would be an honor to enjoy one of those prints everyday . Thsnk you for your passion . Chi

  20. Christopher Russell

    Love your work my friend and so happy to have made your acquaintance looking forward to getting together again soon ! I would love to have one of your works of art on my wall ✌🏻❤️Always

  21. I love the website!!! It looks great and I didn’t know you went to the savannah college of art n design, so did a really good friend of mine. You are both incredible artists so it makes sense. ❤❤

  22. Paul Corey Cuthbertson

    Love your art❤

  23. Paul Corey Cuthbertson

    Bob Weir is a hero of mine.

  24. I am proud of you Rio! Love your art!

  25. Awesome work!!!!!!

  26. Soulfully graceful presentation

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