Oil Paintings

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All the Years Combined.

(Portrait of Jerry Garcia)

36×48″ oil on canvas

Listening for the Secret.

(Portrait of Phil Lesh)

36×48″ oil on canvas


36×48″ oil on canvas

Spaced Out.

(Low Key Self Portrait)

30×40″ oil on canvas

Inner Child

11×14″ oil on wooden panel


24×48 oil on canvas

A Conversation with My Ancestors.

12x16in oil on wooden panel

Bittersweet Delirium.

40x60in oil on canvas.

And Just When it Seemed All Hope was Lost, Something Very Unexpected Happened.

16x20in oil on canvas

Self Portrait. 2022

24×30 in oil on canvas


18x24in oil on wooden panel

A Day in the Life of…

18x24in oil on wooden panel

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